Investment Opportunities

Navarro International with its partners in the Middle East provides a safe haven for investors in Shrimp farming, ribbonfish and Cuttlefish supply.
For those Buyers wishing to secure a fixed amount of seafood products every year without having to look for multi suppliers and vice-versa for suppliers we have developed a system where both parties are secure in their collaboration.

lowest possible prices

Investment by advance payment ensures the lowest possible prices for the buyers, advanced payment Guarantees are provided by reputable Bank’s coupled with our guaranteed service of excellence in quality and investment assurance.

Many Companies

Many Companies from China, Europe and Dubai have invested in the production of farmed shrimp; the contract is drawn between Navarro International and Buyers for a supply of an agreed quantity of farmed shrimps at a fixed price during the harvest season.

Security And Peace Of Mind For Investors

For the security and peace of mind for investors all contracts are countersigned by third party local UAE citizens in Dubai, as well as countersigned, witnessed and attested to by Chamber of commerce and Arbitration rooms in both Dubai and the country of production.

Benefit Of Investment

The benefit of investment is that the buyer will be assured of a certain quantity of shrimps and the suppliers assured of selling their products and being able to prepare for the next season production.

Shrimp Investment

Cuttlefish Investment

Ribbonfish and Cuttlefish are processed on Land from our HACCP and EU approved processing plants where buyer or quality control inspectors can be present during processing.

Food and Beverage

We offer the most competitive consultancy rates for foreign or domestic companies wishing to invest in Food and Beverage in different parts of the world.
Our specialized team of experienced and seasoned staff with specific knowledge of International business and their ability to draw up feasibility studies with in depth knowledge of each countries trade and business laws from setting up a company to tax laws, all done according to your budget of investment and what strategies you need for your business to succeed, furthermore we give you complete access to all our finding in detailed reports which are all documented and benchmarked against other existing market leaders and with SME (Small and Medium Enterprises)